Premium 1050

Producer: JRK

JRK 1050 PREMIUM belongs to the best composte bins on the market with its properties. Thanks to special construction which regulates access of air, wetness, heat and light it makes the proces of composting easy and effecient. Made from 100 % recycled material. Composter´s thickness of the wall is 8 mm which ensures its long life and very good stability of the composter on the ground.

  • Dimension: Height: 107 cm; Ø of the base: 136 cm
  • Capacity: 1050 L
  • Weight: 23 kg
  • Made from Recycled High Density Polietylen – HDPE

Component price score: 13

Certification nr.: CO19HA

Certification date: 05.11.2018

Tags: composter garden

Status: certificaction not renewed since 05. 11. 2022