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If you feel there must be a smarter alternative to our mindless consumption and if you believe, that a small group of passionate people can change the world for better, work with us.
We have started as a diverse team of volunteers contributing some of our energy and skills, free of charge, to the repairably project. Most of us are still volunteers, each specialising in one area, usually dedicating few hours of our time a week. However, as Repairably grows larger, we need quite a few eager and willing people to cover all of the various tasks and activities ahead of us.

we are looking for

If you volunteer to handle any of the roles below or you have your own idea how you would like to contribute to repairably, we would love to hear from you.
Go to trademark specialist

trademark specialist

To help us build and protect repairably label.
location: worldwide

Go to web developer

web developer

To help us develop our web and build repairably applications engaging people.
location: worldwide

Go to networker


To introduce repairably to companies, designers, universities and legislators.
location: worldwide

Go to fundraiser


To help us engage investors, green funds and run fundraising campaigns.
location: worldwide

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