7. February 2018

Certification process

Certification Process

1. Application
Fill in the online Application Form. A Certification Manager is assigned to you.

2. Certification Request
Certification Manager helps you fill in and sign the Certification Request, which is a base document guiding the certification process.

3. Preparation
Submitting product units and repair guide for evaluation. Evaluation Fee payment.

4. Evaluation
Product is evaluated according to the Repairably Testing Protocol. You receive a detailed Testing Report.

5. Issue of the Certificate
Testing Report is reviewed by the Repairably Certification Body and the Guarantor Body. For products fully complying with the Repairably Manifesto, Repairably Certificate is issued. Certification Fee payment.

6. Periodical monitoring
Periodic compliance monitoring ensures that product continues to meet the requirements of the certification. Yearly Maintenance Fee payments.