Certifying products that are designed for simple repair

Repairably strives for less waste and better future by encouraging design, manufacture and use of truly repairable products.

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25 May

News release: Second ever repairably certificate has been awarded

24th of May, Bratislava – Second ever repairability certificate has been awarded in Slovakia. The awarded producer is OCTAGO corporation, who received the recognition for its Rack MX fitness construction. Repairably, the independent certification body, has been glad to award the certificate to a product that...
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15 Jan

News release: The first certificate of repairability awarded to a Slovak composter producer

29th of November, Bratislava – The Slovak non-profit organization Repairably awarded its first comprehensive certificate of repairability in November. The awardee is JRK Waste Management, a producer of garden composters. Thanks to the certification of repairability customers will be able to identify products, which are...
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09 Oct

TR: Gauthier Roussilhe

Talking Repairably with Gauthier Roussilhe. We met at the Design Does event in Barcelona, and it became obvious instantaneously that Gauthier´s words will be a mental energetic drink for our readers. Gauthier is an autonomous designer, teacher and thinker.   How would you define your...
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05 Nov

Premium 2000

JRK 2000 PREMIUM belongs to the best composte bins on the market with its properties. Thanks to special construction which regulates access of air, wetness, heat and light it makes the proces of composting easy and effecient. Made from 100 % recycled material. Composter´s thickness of...
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Do you want to make your products the way they were always meant to be? Repairable? Great! Our environment badly needs products designed for repair and reuse.


Making the world repairably better.
Certifying products that are designed for simple repair.

Our earth faces enermous enviromental challenges. To cope with them, one simple step, that we can take together is to require that products we use are repairable. Repairability is one of the pillars of the circular economy.

Repairably certifies products that are designed for simple and affordable repair. Repairably strives for less waste and better future by encouraging design, manufacture and use of truly repairable products

Any repairably certified product is guaranteed to be practically repairable. And this makes lots of sense.

  • Whenever any part of your repairably product breaks, your loss is no more than 20% of the product value.

  • You can keep using and repairing things you love. Anything made repairably will serve many years longer.

  • Instead of throwing things away, you can sell, give or donate them as they will be easy to repair.

  • Last but not least, repairably makes common sense. It is the right way the products should be made.


working on making the world repairably better.

stefan slezak

Mechanical engineer, technology enthusiast, former SAP consultant and developer, eco-activist searching sustainable, zero-waste, zero-emission solutions for our future. Stefan takes advantage of his practical knowledge from the field of industrial design and production in the testing and certification process, as well as he applies critical thinking to improve the process.

Peter Janiga

Legal and regulatory professional, long-term engaged pro-bono counsel. Peter is a supporter of education, civic participation, volunteering, arts and life as such. He co-handles the legal matters for Repairably.

Michal Gordiak

Founder and active member of the community living room Bystro, co-creator of the first Library of Things in Bratislava. He managed and developed a project of shared mobility up!city. Bicycle guru, member of the collective Cyclo Kitchen, and enthusiast of long-distance cyclotourism. He studied management at the Faculty of Aeronautics of the Technical University in Košice. Michal provides technical support at the product testing process and cooperates on repairably events.

Erik Orth

certification support
As a fresh absolvent of the Faculty of management and a Spartan racer and fitness trainer, he is bringing sport spirit to the team, spreading the idea of repairability, sustainability all around and helping with the certification of products.

Roven Suchanek

Experienced lawyer, concerned about environment as long as it does not conflict with fashion. Rovena contributes to repairably better world by taking care of legal issues at repairably.

Rosalin Coe

Roz takes care of any of our texts. She comes from England and currently lives in Bratislava. She loves being outdoors, travelling and nature with a passion to help protect and preserve our environment.

Bohdan Glisevic

web editor
Bohdan works on the repairably web and repairably manuals content. In the spirit of his personal motto “being able to say that I truly lived” Bohdan angages in pletora of activities from physics, programming and languages on the academic side of things to karate, cycling and hiking on the physical side of things.

Ben Bencik

certification support
Ben helps with product certification. Beside his enthusiasm for mathematics he also enjoys spending time in nature mostly on his mountain bike. In the past he helped abroad as a volunteer in various environmental work camps.

zuzana prochazkova

Architect, founding member of international group of sustainability architects Onda, ambassador of the International Living Future Institute. Always taking the initiative, Zuzana is extending the repairably network within the architecture, design and sustainability circles.

martin vician

Finance professional and inovator, with experience in transforming ideas to reality in multiple tech startups. Author of the QR code encoded payment standard bysquare. Martin takes care of repairably finance.

daniela laluhova

HR specialist with strong inclinations to sustainability. Her private life is strongly governed with the philosophy of eco and bio. Interested in everything natural and spiritual, with passion for photography. Danka takes care of repairably administration and event organization.

tomas ‘segi’ vanco

it support
IT and nature? Proof that these two go well together, you can meet him on the bike, rock climbing or just wandering in the mountains. Segi ensures that repairably team works smoothly while the team members might be miles apart.

zuzana makovnikova

Spatial planning graduate professionally working on EU projects, including waste management. Trying to live respectfully with nature and commuting to work by bike. Keen in recycling, industrial architecture and public spaces. Zuzka takes care of repairably promotion.

alena suchankova

Landscape architect with passion for underground buildings and green architecture. Ala created the repairably logo and does all of the repairably graphics.

martin laluha

art work
Artist. Loves everything natural, refuses anything artificial. Briliant observer and devil’s advocate of any discussion. Martin throughoutly examins and questions any of our activities and he is said to be working on an art work just for repairably. We will see.. :)

alan suchanek

Software developer and strong believer in clean code and good design. Author of the QR code encoded payment standard bysquare. Alan is initiator of the repairably idea and works on product certification.


and let's do this together