Who helped us

Many thanks to all our team members and volunteers who dedicated their time, effort and enthusiasm to help Repairably to get closer to its goal- make the world repairably better.
ERIK ORTH profile picture


certification support
As a fresh absolvent of the Faculty of management and a Spartan racer and fitness trainer, he was bringing sport spirit to the team, spreading the idea of repairability, sustainability all around and helping with the certification of products.
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Experienced lawyer, concerned about environment as long as it does not conflict with fashion. Rovena contributed to repairably better world by taking care of legal issues at repairably.
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web editor
Bohdan worked on the repairably web and repairably manuals content. In the spirit of his personal motto “being able to say that I truly lived” Bohdan angages in pletora of activities from physics, programming and languages on the academic side of things to karate, cycling and hiking on the physical side of things.
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Spatial planning graduate professionally working on EU projects, including waste management. Trying to live respectfully with nature and commuting to work by bike. Keen in recycling, industrial architecture and public spaces. Zuzka was taking care of repairably promotion.
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certification support
Ben helped with product certification. Beside his enthusiasm for mathematics he also enjoys spending time in nature mostly on his mountain bike. In the past he helped abroad as a volunteer in various environmental work camps.