World of repairably

To illustrate the potential of repairably in creating a powerfull ecosystem, we have gathered a collection of short fictional stories from the near future..


A persistent door bell woke up Peter on that Saturday morning. Still sleepy with few strides across the living room, Peter opened the door. Older, sympathetic DHL courrier handed him a small parcel. Sign here. Thank you and have agood day.
Standing in the door, looking at the parcel Peter slowly realized this must be the component for his broken folding fishing chair. Peter, an avid fisherman had a spectacular catch two days ago. In the commotion afterwards, one of his buddies stumbled and falling on Peter’s folding chair, broke it. A center piece of the folding mechanism was boken and Peter’s trusted companion on all fishing trips has become useless. Unless..

It was a repairably chair. Returning home Peter inserted repairably product code in the web browser. In three minutes the replacement component was on its way and Peter was reviewing the simple replacement guide. Three steps and one hex key is all that he will need to fix his chair.
Peter closed the door, opened the package as well as his toolbox and fixed the chair. Looking out of the window, it looked like another prime day for a fishing trip.


Margareth was sitting in her recliner chair, listening to music and stroking Tom, her darling persian tomcat oozing in her lap. It was 5 pm and a time for her afternoon tea. She stood up, greatly irritating Tom and slowly walked to her kitchen. Putting some water in water cooker she let it boil. With unfamiliar “thick” the water boiler turned off almost instantly. She tried again, without success. The button was going off almost instatntly, not remaining in the on position. The thing was broken.

Margareth hated throwing things away. This water cooker was a present from her grandchildren. Knowing her, they said they have bought one that is easily repairable. Repairably or so.. How could she possible repair it. She doesn’t even have a screw driver.
But two blocks away she has seen this new repair shop. The one claiming to repair anything repairable. It looked like a bussy place. Tomorrow, on her morning walk, she will take her water cooker there.


Stan was sipping his morning cofee, standing by the window of a repairshop. He was looking at Joe, his first employee, talking to an old lady who just brought her water cooker for repair. Stan owned the shop. He was turning 21 and has started his business already at high school, thanks to a chance. Fixing a repairably marked vacum cleaner for his parents and a repairably marked tablet for his sister brought him more requests for small repairs from neigbours and friends. After couple of such repairs, Stan realized, there are already quite a few repairably marked products and people need fixing them. For each there is online a comprehensive repair manual and a list of all components to be purchased for a fair price. And the repairs are fairly easy. Well, fairly easy if you had some basic skills, tools and time. Stan had them, but not all the other people do. There definitely was an opportunity to make few bugs in his free, after the school time. He posted his first google and fb adds for repairs of repairably products and thats when it all started.

Now four years later people were not comming to his shop just for repairs. Some came to sell and some came to buy. There were those people who wanted to sell their broken or damaged repairably devices before they bought a new device. Stan offered them a fair price, fixed the device and resold it in his store or ebay. Others came to buy such fixed and refurbished devices, finding good value at a good price. Yet others were buying spare salvaged components from him or ordered some repairably components to be printed on one of his industrial grade 3D printers.
In four years running his business, Stan has observed a great change in attitude of people towards repairs. From a marginal, specialized activity deemed worth only for most expensive products repairs have become a common thing. Now a simple repairshop as his own could reasonably well service practically any device.