How do we make the world repairably better

As cliche as it may sound, making the world repairably better is our goal. So where do we start? What are our plans? How and where could you join us?

For now, we are just a few. There is nothing special about us. We do not manage big manufacturing companies. We are not leading industrial designers. We are not politicians and we are not influential thinkers or celebrities.

What brought us together is our concern about the environment, about our earth. We believe, that the way how products around us are designed, produced, used and eventually disposed off is terribly flawed. Most striking to us is the fact that products are turning to waste in an incredibly short time. This, we believe could be improved fast.

We have came up with a simple definition of what is a repairable product. We call it a repairably manifesto. It’s so simple, that we feel it might be just the right thing. Now we are going to take the repairably manifesto and ask designers to help us improve it and to comply with it. We are going to take the repairably manifesto and ask companies to join us and produce repairably products. Most important of all, we are going to take the repairably manifesto and ask you, people like us to join us in one common initiative for better, repairable products. Repairably initiative.

To make all of this possible, we think that repairably needs to become a well recognized and trusted trademark, that would be awarded to products complying with repairably manifesto. Repairably trademark would enable all people to instantly recognize repairable product. This would be not only useful at the moment of the purchase but throughout the whole service life of the product. It would greatly simplify any repair and represent a strong guarantee for any second hand purchase. All of this helping to preserve value of the product and prolong its useful service life.

To turn an idea into such recognized standard, support of many people and companies is needed. We can’t overrate how important contribution of anyone is, particularly at the beginning to help grow and maintain the initiative. If you believe, as we do that repairably can truly help our world become a better place, [join us and participate] in our effort.

For now, we are just a few. But we hope that you and many other people and companies join us. Together we can make the story of repairably a special one. And especially good one too. For all children of all species*.

Please join us..

* quote by William McDonough: How do we love all the children of all species for all time?