Repairably- Repair has got future

The article “Repair has got future” was published in the design magazine Designum 2/2019, which is edited by the Slovak Design Center. It is the only professional magazine in Slovakia specialised in all fields of design, including up-to-date information about contemporary Slovak and foreign design, periodical columns about the history and theory of design, opinions and works of interesting designers and producers, world designer events, impulses, and inspiration.  It is suitable for generic public, but dedicated especially to designers, students of design, architects, manufacturers, theoreticians, educators, managers, art craftsmen and businessmen. It is published 4 times a year with an English summary.


The article is dedicated to repairability and its importance in design. Daniela Laluhová and Zuzana Procházková, both from Repairably, explain the concept of repairability as defined by the Repairably Manifesto in the context of the circular economy, tell the story of Repairably as a non-profit organization and detail the life cycle of a repairable product. The article also includes actual information about the happening in the repair world, that could be defined as repair revolution, and the state-of-art legislation related to repairability of consumer goods. Finally, the importance of circular and repairable design strategies is explored.



The article was published in Designum 2/2019 by Slovak Design Center, check here

Note: the article is only available in Slovak