23 Aug

Covid shows Repairability as a solution for easier life

We would like to share with you our stories inspired by the long lockdown period, written and accompanied by sketches made by our team members. Please continue reading. In the time b.c., in this case, means “before Covid”, we were stuck in our consumption line...
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16 Dec

​​Sustainable design that helps fight pandemics

The National Design Award is held every two years. Thanks to the cooperation with the Slovak Design Center, since 2019 we have been able to award ideas in the field of repairable design. We are glad that the year 2021 also came along with innovative...
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14 Jan

Fifty shades of repairability in Slovak design

This year Repairably in collaboration with the Slovak Center of Design awarded the Prize for Repairable Design for the first time. The Repairably prize formed part of the Slovak National Design Prize in the field of industrial design, which takes place every 2 years. We...
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06 Aug

Repairably- Repair has got future

The article “Repair has got future” was published in the design magazine Designum 2/2019, which is edited by the Slovak Design Center. It is the only professional magazine in Slovakia specialised in all fields of design, including up-to-date information about contemporary Slovak and foreign design,...
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24 Sep

Repairably has become part of Circular Slovakia!

Circular Slovakia is a public-private platform, which aims to help Slovakia to transition to the circular economy. The circular economy aims to maintain the value of products, materials and resources for as long as possible while minimising the generation of waste and the use of...
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