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Talking Repairably with Pavol Mikuláš, designer and the winner of the Repairability Prize 2019, within the Slovak National Design Prize for industrial design. We had the pleasure to award the Repairability Prize to the hands of Pavol, a designer who connects physics and nature to create durable, functional and optimized products for humans. Read more to understand his own vision.


How would you define your design philosophy in 1 phrase?
I would call it human-centered.
The design is not only centered around the user, but also every hand that touches it on its way. From the person who cuts down the tree to the people who shape it, to the people who care for it, to the people to whom it brings joy, and finally to the people who make it into something new.

How would you describe the ideal/ target user of the products you design?
Children, they are unconditionally honest and full of openminded curiosity.

What is the design you are most proud of?
The balance bike Model J is my favorite design thus far. It is light, wooden, and encourages joy through movement.

Balance bike Model J, designed for Jiří Marján/Re pello, 2015

What is your main professional goal for the future?
I would like to design sustainable products for children with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

Is there a designer or a producer you would assign as green or sustainable?
I admire the work of Ideo because of its efforts to help innovators create more elegant, effective, creative solutions for the circular economy.

IDEO is a global design company, that creates positive impact through design. Check also their

What inspires you in the environment/ country you work in?
Currently, I am inspired by the things around me. Children flying kites, swaying trees, and rustling leaves.

Question designer to designer:
This time by: Gauthier Roussilhe

Describe in which world(s) your practice evolves (the world as in physical, climatic, economic, transitioning, damaged, etc)
My practice evolves and will continue to evolve in the environmental world. It is very important to me to create sustainable products that leave behind no footprints.

What comes to your mind when you think of:

  • waste: I like to look at waste as a raw material and an opportunity for something new. Nature knows no waste…
  • repairably: Repairability is a rediscovered necessity.
  • plastic (as material): Plastic is a great material, but one that we have begun to use for the wrong purposes.
  • circular economy: When I think of the circular economy, I see an effort to reduce waste.
  • smart phone: The irony of the smartphone is that it often makes people dumb.
  • your favorite kitchen appliance: My stove, which I use to heat water for green tea.
  • your grandmother’s favorite kitchen appliance: The only appliance that existed in my grandmother’s kitchen was a refrigerator.
  • best human invention: Perhaps the internet because it is a source of information and it connects people.
  • best invention of this century: Artificial Intelligence.

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