​​Sustainable design that helps fight pandemics

The National Design Award is held every two years. Thanks to the cooperation with the Slovak Design Center, since 2019 we have been able to award ideas in the field of repairable design. We are glad that the year 2021 also came along with innovative ideas and solutions. This year we’ve been able to draw attention to repairability with a Special Recognition Award for the Repairable Design of the MODULO project – a device for epidemiological prevention intended for places with a mass presence of people. This facility was designed by a group of professors and students, Michala Lipková, Vlasta Kubušová, Jana Vlčková and Ivana Palušová.

What can MODULO do?

It is an ecological disinfection device that uses diamond nanotechnologies. The module consists of several functional parts. It can clean the air, measure temperature, dispense hand disinfection and also has an informative function thanks to the built-in screen. The main reason why this design received the award is the interchangeability of features and therefore has a long-term use. The project is the result of interdisciplinary cooperation between the Faculty of Architecture and Design and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics of the Slovak University of Technology and the COVID COLAB initiative.


Why did this design become the one that won?

The selection criteria were to get as close as possible to the 10 rules of practical and accessible repairability, the so-called Repairably manifesto. MODULO has convinced with its detachability, modular design and the potential price of components. Its circular concept also adds important value.

How do the creators of MODULO perceive repairability in design?

We asked the students how they perceive repairability in their work in general. According to them, the repairability of products should be implicit, not something exceptional. In the studio, they want to continue to focus on projects focused on supporting the circular economy and bringing a design that is sustainable. They got to know the Repairably initiative already during the Human by Design exhibition and they were very pleased with this award.

Awarding the Special Recognition of the Repairable Design to Modulo by Daniela Laluhova

According to the creators of Modulo, they tried to find a way to replace the chemical disinfection processes and to design a product that can be in the long-term business cycle and thus reduce its impact on the environment. They are currently preparing a version for the commercial market.

We keep our fingers crossed for this successful team of young women and we are glad that they are also interested in certifying the new version with MODULO certification: Repairably design.


We hope you share our enthusiasm for the Slovak design, as we plan to stay in touch with it!

Many thanks for collaboration to the Slovak Design Center and to Michala Lipková and Vlasta Kubušová. 

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