News release: Second ever repairably certificate has been awarded

24th of May, Bratislava – Second ever repairability certificate has been awarded in Slovakia. The awarded producer is OCTAGO corporation, who received the recognition for its Rack MX fitness construction. Repairably, the independent certification body, has been glad to award the certificate to a product that support a healthy lifestyle and its locally produced.


Modular solution- Repairably solution
The OCTAGO corporation manufactures indoor and outdoor fitness equipment for Crossfit, and exercise with own weight. All these constructions have in common the modular design. They are mostly composed of steel profiles and connected with standard bolts and nuts. This allows the user to make a custom composition according to his/ her desire. But it has another benefit- it exactly fits into the definition of a design for disassembly. This sustainable design method allows to decompose the product to individual parts without damaging any. Components of such product can be then re-used or recycled. And, what is important for Repairably, these products can be easily repaired.

„A modular solution is a good beginning for compliance with the Repairably rules. However, that is not enough. If a part gets broken, but you cannot find a spare part on the market, you still cannot repair your product. There is where the producer and his commitment is important,“ comments Zuzana Procházková from Repairably. And OCTAGO Corporation makes the spare parts for their certified product available for its clients. Although there is no direct e-shop to order the OCTAGO components, there is an automatic email service to order the parts. OCTAGO has committed to process these emails and keep the component prices according to the repairability rules.

OCTAGO Rack MX- the certified product
The Rack MX is a Crossfit construction designed for functional exercise, strength and fitness, weight lifting and power lifting. It has passed the Repairably testing process successfully and so it has deserved the right to use the Repairably certificate and the label (composed of (y) and 6 unique alphanumerical signs). The certificate has been awarded to Dušan Matuška, CEO of the OCTAGO Corporation. Dušan comments: „We are happy that we could be part of the Repairably ecosystem and share the vision of the sustainable economy and transparent manufacturing process and costs. I think this approach is needed in today’s situation of the global waste and energy management.“

FOTO 02: Awarding the Repairably certificates to Dušan Matuška, CEO of OCTAGO Corporation by Daniela Laluhová, CEO of Repairably. (Source: Repairably)

All the necessary equipment on hand
The certification Repairably has been designed to support repair in domestic conditions. “Such repair has to be not only possible, but also easy and comfortable. This way the user of the product decides to actually repair the product at home, instead of throwing it away and buying a new one,” adds Zuzana form Repairably. The solution by Repairably is to provide the repair manual and possibility to get the all the components and tools needed at one place, at the web page.

Once your Repairably certified product becomes broken, you just need to look at its Repairably label, and enter the 6 digits of its alphanumerical code to the browser at You will be taken to the product page, where you can see the repair manual step-by-step, and where you can buy the spare parts for your products as well as overview all the necessary tools. And the repair can begin!

FOTO 02: Testing of the OCTAGO Rack MX, only standard tools needed (Source: Repairably)


Non-profit organization REPAIRABLY (
The main goal of the non-profit organization is to create an effective instrument to eliminate waste creation, the repairability certificate. It will enable customers to identify easily repairable products that do not have to be thrown away when they become broken.

Repairability should in the future become a common standard, which helps consumers save money, increase a product’s life span and preserve its value. It also helps the environment as it reduces waste from products and increases the resource efficiency.


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