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Talking Repairably with Taina Campos and Jeremy Godel. In our first series of Talking Repairably, we present the designers from Frame Design Studio, based in Mexico City and Paris. With their Eco Luggage design, they succeeded to win the Cradle to Cradle design Challenge in the Best Professional Project category. Read further to get inspired by Taina’s and Jérémy’s thoughts.


How would you define your design philosophy in 1 phrase?
We like to make design that’s available to everyone, honest with the people who is involved in the process and the environment.

How would you describe the ideal/ target user of the products you design?
People that want something different from its products. People who doesn’t search the status by buying something but things that are well conceived, well made and honest.

What is the design you are most proud of?
From all our design, Eco-Luggage. We think we went really where we wanted with this project, we applied all our knowledge to achieve something that truly speaks of a new way to conceive products.

Eco Luggage by Frame Design Studio

And from our products in existence we would say all. Each of our products has born from different problematic and perspectives and we’re really proud of producing with amazing people that are really good in what they do and do it with love.

What is your main professional goal for the future?
To have the opportunity to work with companies that are more receptive to sustainable and honest design.

Is there a designer or a producer you would assign as green or sustainable?
Herman Miller has a couple of chairs that we consider to be truly sustainable. There’s Ekobo, a French enterprise that makes products out of bamboo.

Bamboocycles is the enterprise of a friend that makes bicycles with a bamboo frame.

Our friends of Colectivo 1050º , that works the clay with indigenous communities in Mexico.

What inspires you in the environment/ country you work in?
The people of our community, the traditions in our countries, the problems we found in our surroundings. The new countries we visit. Almost everything is a source of inspiration.

IXTLAN by Frame Design Studio, made of certified wood from the local community’s forests

What comes to your mind when you think of:

  • waste: plastic
  • repairably: tools
  • plastic (as material): avoidable
  • circular economy: reintegrate
  • smart phone: necessary tool with lot to improve.
  • your favorite kitchen appliance: wooden spoon
  • your grandmother’s favorite kitchen appliance: old hand mixer
  • best human invention: the internet
  • best invention of this century: google maps

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